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The combined performance of candidates in the written examination and personal interview will form the basis for the merit list that will be drawn. Institute-wise merit list prepared for each category as per merit position and choice of Institute indicated by the candidate vis-à-vis available vacancy in the Institute will form the First List for admission. Candidates in the First List will be required to be admitted to the respective Institute.



The National Council offers Merit Scholarships to All top three position holders in all three years of the course. Merit Scholarships of Rs.15,000/- Rs.12,000/- and Rs.10,000/- respectively are awarded. For the award of the scholarship of Rs.15,000/- to the topper in the Third and Second year of the 3-year Degree Program, M/s Asian Hotels (Hyatt Regency) have instituted the "Late Chamanlal Gupta" and "Late Subhakaran Jatia" endowments. Topper in the First year of the Course receives the "Vivek Singh Dutta Endowment Scholarship" of Rs.15,000/- instituted by Mrs and Mr. Virender Singh Dutta (Welcome Marriott Hotel).


All candidates will be required to put in a minimum of 75% attendance during the academic session. Students failing to secure 75% attendance shall be detained from appearing in the Annual Examinations to be conducted by the National Council. The principal of the Institute is empowered to condone up to 10% of absence on medical grounds. Such a request should, however, be accompanied by a Medical Certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner. For hostlers, the Medical Certificate should be from the college doctor.

Detained students can, at the discretion of the Principal, be re-admitted in the subsequent academic session as repeaters on payment of full fees. Students who fail in the Annual Examination will have the option to appear in the subsequent Annual Examination either as regular students after paying full fees or as external students on payment of Examination Fees only.

University of Phoenix Basic FAQ Test

University of Phoenix Basic Test 2024

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Food Festivals, Student Chef Competition, Educational Tours, Fairs, etc. are organized by the Institutes at regular intervals in which students are required to actively participate. The Institutes also provide for reasonable sports and recreation activity. Counseling services are also available. A prescribed uniform for attending practical and theory classes is required to be worn by students. Details in this regard will be made available by the Institute at the time of admission.


Ragging of freshers is strictly prohibited. Each Institute strictly follows directions on ragging issued by the Supreme Court of India. Students found indulging in ragging of any kind will face dire consequences at the hands of the law besides expulsion from the Institute.

Hostel accommodation shall be provided by the Institute on first-cum-first serve basis subject to the availability of a hostel in the Institute for the new entrants. The decision of the concerned Institute's Principal shall be final in this regard. For availability of hostel accommodation please refer to information on the concerned Institute.


There is a prescribed of conduct that all students have to compulsorily follow. Students are required to maintain strict discipline in campus. Smoking on campus is prohibited. Consumption of alcohol or drugs during study is termed a cognizable offense.

Students placed in the compartment category in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year Annual Examination and failed students of 3rd year are allowed to appear in the Supplementary Examination held by the Council in December every year.


During the terminal year of the 3-year Degree course, leading hotel establishments visit most Institutes for campus recruitment. Based on their merit and suitability, students are offered gainful employment by the respective establishments. After successfully completing the prescribed course of study, students receive the National Council "Degree/Diploma/Certificate" for the respective disciplines.


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