Net Brahma launches Next Generation Switching product

Net Brahma Technologies,( )has announced the availability of NBT MPLS, its Multi-Protocol Label Switching software product. The product has been developed totally in-house at Net Brahma's development center in Bangalore. This leverages Net Brahma as a developer of products in the niche and high technology networking software segment in India.

Net Brahma launches Next Generation Switching product

Next Generation Switching product

MPLS is an evolving standard specified by the Internet Engineering Task Force and ratified by several leading networking equipment makers. MPLS improves the performance, reliability, and scalability of connectionless IP networks by engineering deterministic route selection and providing a mechanism for traffic management.

Net Brahma CEO Bhasker Sharma said, "This is an important milestone for Net Brahma, realizing our vision to release niche products and own IPR within the first year of operations. We have received a tremendous response for NBT MPLS, and a leading US technology company has already licensed the product. On the sales side, NBT MPLS shall enable us to raise our revenues from products by 15 to 20 percent this financial year".

NBT-MPLS provides a comprehensive solution to various issues faced by network service providers. It addresses issues like network scalability, Quality of Service (QoS), multimedia applications over IP, VPN frameworks, etc. It also gives service providers the traffic engineering capability and resource availability they require for building the broadband networks of the future. Net Brahma's MPLS stack supports the distribution of labels using either CR LDP or RSVP-TE and configuration using either CLI or SNMP. It is incredibly scalable and portable to multiple processors and real-time operating systems platforms.

Net Brahma provides software services and products primarily in the areas of IP Internetworking and Telecom Convergence that helps makers of communications and networking equipment accelerate the design and development of their next-generation products and reduce time to market. These include Protocol Stacks like - MPLS, DiffServ, MGCP, MEGACO, SIP & BGP and Solutions like - SNMP based OAM framework, an intelligent VPN framework, and a comprehensive protocol test tool.


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