Office of Commissioner, Women & Child Development

The office of the Commissionerate at Ahmedabad functions as the head office. The staff strength of this office, including the Commissioner, stands at 61. The domain of functioning of this office extends to the entire state of Gujarat. There is no office under the direct control of the Commissionerate at the district level. Currently, the Class III officials of the Commissionerate share their offices with the Social Security Officer.

Office of Commissioner, Women & Child Development

Office of Commissioner, Women & Child Development

The Commissionerate, through voluntary organizations, functions in the realm of women and child development. It conducts camps to spread awareness amongst women on important social, financial, and legal issues. Legal aid centers are also set up to address women-specific issues like dowry, maintenance, divorce and crime, and violence against women. Creches and working women's hostels are also run for the benefit of working women in both rural and urban areas. Awards are presented to individuals and organizations performing singular work in the field of women's welfare.

Women entrepreneurs are also encouraged through awards amounting to Rs 25000/- per entrepreneur. Gender sensitization workshops are arranged to cultivate an atmosphere of equality of genders. For working women, arrangements are made for their accommodation near their workplace. Information centers are organized to spread awareness of the importance of education and related queries. The Commissionerate tries to ensure that the benefits of its functioning reach speedily even to the lowest level of society. For the economic and social development of women in the State, Gujarat Mahila Arthik Vikas Nigam Ltd., Gandhinagar has been established in 1981. It educates women and helps them stand on their feet in all aspects of life.

Besides this, with the help of several voluntary organizations, each year from March 1 to  March 8 - International Women's Week is organized, where experts are called upon to solve the different problems of women and increase their awareness of different issues.

The Commissioner's Office organizes various programs and projects for Women and Child Development under the scrutiny of the Monitoring Cell set up with the help of UNICEF which collects information on all the development policies from the government departments engaged in the operation. The Commissioner's office suggests improvements in the program if required and does the documents of the activities of development programs.

With the help of UNICEF, the Indian Government has incorporated the State Program of Action Plan for the reduction in death rates of infants and mothers, the spread of diseases due to lack of nutrition, improvement in water facilities, sanitary facilities, increase in education, etc. The Commissioner's Office is involved in such activities along with other government offices.

The Commissioner's Office is actively involved with the State government in incorporating the

development policies formed by the National government.

1. Every applicant would get an acknowledgment of receipt of the application.

2. The information center will be able to provide all information and forms.

3. There are definite timeframes for decisions on all types of applications.

4. All applicants shall be informed and guided regarding all documentary submissions to be attached to each application.

5. The office of the Commissionerate shall be transparent in its decisions for all schemes, procedures, timeframes, and provisions

6. A competent officer can, in controversial cases, request for additional relevant information, for presentation to the Chief Officer.

7. The documentary submissions required for various activities should be provided in a timely manner to assist in a quick resolution.

8. The Commissionerate expects that no undue external pressure be applied to resolve matters by overlooking the existing rules and regulations.

9. All suggestions by citizens and applicants shall be welcome. Appropriate steps would be taken to address the complaints of the general public.

10. The applicant shall be informed of the reasons behind each resolution. The language of the communication shall be simple and courteous.

11. The current status regarding their application would be given to all applicants through the Citizens Rights Cell.

12. Any person reporting unwanted antisocial behavior or corruption can if he/she wishes to, remain anonymous.

13. Any instructions received by phone or fax shall be attended in the normal course of the procedure.

14. All efforts shall be made to select or transfer officials to maintain sincerity and upright disposal of duty. The Commissionerate expects that no undue external pressure be applied to circumvent this procedure. The office shall be working between 10.30 to 18:10 hrs on all working days.

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