As the year 2001 is marked as Women’s Empowerment year, the Government of India has suggested State Governments to organize events in accordance.

Accordingly, Commissioner, Women & Child Development has organized a yearly calendar of events to be organized which was sanctioned by Hon. Minister for Education, Women & Child Welfare on 3.4.2001. This calendar was sent by the Commissioner to different departments to organize events corresponding to their department by a D.O. letter dated 9.4.2001.




Details regarding the organization of events in view of Women’s Empowerment year 2001 carried out by Commissionerate of Women & Child Development, Ahmedabad.

A survey was carried out to find out how males & females utilize their time in Gujarat. The Commissionerate arranged a workshop to discuss the results of this survey under the chairmanship of Hon. Minister of Education, Women & Child Welfare on 18.1.2001.

Micro Credit Summit

A micro Credit Summit was organized at Ahmedabad on 29.5.2001 under the Chairmanship o f Hon. Minister of Education, Women & Child Welfare and in the presence of Hon. Minister of Industries and Tourism. Also, almost 250 representatives of various NGOs from the entire State participated in the Summit.

8.3.2001 was observed as International Women’s Day for which 7 Government Departments and 113 NGOs have sent reports of celebration.

A proposal was made by the Commissionerate of Women & Child Development to the Government to amend about 20 laws concerning women. The Government has asked Gujarat Law Commission to opine for the same. Gujarat Law Commission has given the opinion by its report dated 5.1.2001. Now the matter is under active consideration of the Government.

District level Committees were formed with District Magistrate as Chairman by the Government to prevent the violence on women.

Department of Education

A seminar was held on “Ways of Self Sufficiency of Women” under the Chairmanship of Commissioner, Cottage Industries at Bhiloda. Almost 300 ladies participated in it. A program was organized on 25.5.2001 at Rural Technology Institute Rajkot to exchange views on a program of Women’s economic development.

 A workshop was organized for legal awareness in women at Baroda on 11.5.2001 which was chaired by Hon. Minister for Health. A seminar will be held on 25.11.2001 at Rajkot on the rights of women with Hon. Minister for Education as its Chairperson


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