Sarva Vidyalaya Kelvani Mandal

Sarva Vidyalaya Kelvani Mandal has been established in the year 1919, by Philanthropist Pujya Chhaganbha. The basic principle preached by him Kar Bhala Hoga Bhala has been the driving force for the growth of the education activities managed by the trust. 

Sarva Vidyalaya Kelvani Mandal

Sarva Vidyalaya Kelvani Mandal

Having started with just 6 students then, today the trust manages and runs various schools and colleges both at Kadi and Gandhinagar with more than 46000 students being educated. Of these 46000 students, around 5800 students both boys and girls stay in the hostels being managed by the trust.

The trust is being nourished and managed by its alumni who occupy respectable positions in society. Many of its alumni have settled abroad and they shower in donations to benefit the existing as well as prospective students for providing them with better facilities for study as well as stay.

Initially started in the year 1919, the trust currently has Land of around 165 acres together at Kadi and Gandhinagar. At Kadi the trust has a land of 137 acres wherein various schools, and colleges are being run and at Gandhinagar, the trust has a total of 32 acres of land were in various schools, colleges including both technical as well as non-technical which include B.Pharm, M. Pharm, MBA, MCA, BBA, BCA, B.Sc., (Bio-Technology), M. Sc., (Bio-Technology), M. Sc., (IT), B. Ed., M. Ed., PTC, B.Com, Engineering, Polytechnic and Nursing. The trust has made provision for hostels both for boys and Girls and also staff quarters.

The trust has always been at the forefront of the provision of value-based education to all the students irrespective of Caste, Creed, Religion etc. Keeping in with the main motto Kar Bhala Hoga Bhala the trust has surrendered all its management quota seats in all the courses being run by it and the admissions to the various courses are strictly conducted on the basis of merit through a centralized admission process.

Future Plans of SVKM

"What we enjoy now is the fruit of what we did yesterday and what we will enjoy tomorrow is what we are planning and doing today" is the driving force behind the growth and success of Sarva Vidyalaya Kelvani Madal, Kadi, Gujarat.

Sarva Vidyalaya kelvin Mandal, Kadi has been pioneering education in Gujarat State and India since 1919. It has entered and created a fabulous name in the higher education segment aiming at bringing a transformation in it with quality, up-to-date and fitting-to-global-standard teaching and training given to the dynamic and forward-looking young community. SVKM wants to pioneer each and every sphere of higher education and research and towards achieving this, it has planned to fill up the vacuum by establishing a World-Class Research Centre, and a Medical College in the near future.

SVKM-Research Centre 

Research plays a crucial role in enhancing and upgrading the knowledge and skill of the teaching community which, in turn, helps them deliver quality teaching and training to the students. It is therefore considered as the main pillar of the world-class teaching environment. Hence, SVKM has thought of establishing a Research Centre of its own to make its teaching faculty undergo serious and rigorous research work. As part of the activity, the centre will provide the necessary resources and environment to the faculty members of various disciplines to write research papers and books; organize and conduct seminars, panel discussions, and workshops on contemporary issues; and go for national and international conferences with contributions in different areas of study.

Medical College 

A facet of the future growth of SVKM in the health-education segment is the establishment of a Medical College, which it thinks, is an emergency need of a society of our kind. The number of medical colleges is far less than what we require in India and abroad. Moreover, financing such expensive projects is becoming increasingly difficult on the part of the government in a capital-deficient developing country like that of ours. Hence, SVKM has shown a keen interest in helping towards bridging this gap by providing society with doctors equipped with the right kind of knowledge required to fight the growing number of patients in the country and abroad. The proposed medical college would be set up in the same manner as Nursing College was set up i.e., under Public Private Partnership with the Government of Gujarat.

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