Magic Software's CD-ROM - India Mystica, spins in home computers around the world

India Mystica was formed out of the idea to combine state-of-the-art information technology with age-old information and wisdom and create a product that was educative, entertaining and an exciting tool for learning. Two-and-a-half years were spent researching the technology and developing authentic, credible content.

Magic Software's CD-ROM

Primary sources, some thousands of years old, were researched and experts consulted, resulting in a never-before compilation of the traditions of the world's oldest living faith.

Since its launch at the ABA Convention and Trade Exhibit in Chicago in June 1995, the world's largest English language event for business of books in all format, including CD-ROM, India Mystica has been highly acclaimed internationally and in India and has found a place in over 10,000 homes, schools and institutions, all over the world. Apart from India, North America and the UK, it can be found in places as varied as Sweden, Morocco and Japan.

Heralded by the national and international media, India Mystica is being sold at leading book stores and software retail outlets all over the world. It is also being exhibited at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., the American Museum of Natural History, and the San Diego Museum of Art.

Magic Software is the leading multimedia company in India and its CD-ROM products are distributed worldwide. Magic's Internet Group publishes interactive, online information and develops applications for the World Wide Web.

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